Real Estate Legal Services In Hua Hin Thailand

Our experienced team of lawyers provide the full range of services in connection with a purchase or sale of land, house or condominium either by an individual or company which extends to the full range and scale of real estate matters, including assisting clients in acquisition, disposal, lease, usufruct, right of servitude, mortgage and development planning for private and commercial properties. We have many Clients, both domestic and international, who value our expertise and professionalism.

The services we provide include:

  • Due Diligence: This should be conducted at the outset of any purchase and prior to signing of agreements to ensure that a Seller has correct and legal title to transfer the property.
  • Acquisition and Disposal: Buying and selling residential and commercial property in Thailand, and providing advice in respect thereof.
  • Real Estate Leasing: We provide advice and leasing agreements on all aspects of residential and commercial leasing.
  • Registration and Transfer: We will attend at the Land Office to ensure correct transfer and registration of property.
  • Development Planning: Providing advice on planning a new development or project, including land acquisition and structuring of the development or project.
  • Usufruct, mortgage, right of servitude: We will provide advice on any such aspect if required and proceed to registration at the Land Office.

As part of our overall service we provide sound, practical and up to date legal advice on all relevant and important legal matters. We also work closely with our local government contacts to ensure that we get the job done in a safe and secure manner.

Real Estate - Legal Services

For more infromation about our real estate estates legal services please do not hesitate to contact us. Our office is in Hua Hin, Thailand We offer a free half hour consultation so simply call to make an appointment: Tel: +66(0)32 522 237 or +66(0)32 522 273