Will & Testament Legal Services In Hua Hin Thailand

Proper estate planning is not just important in your home country, but also in Thailand. From the cradle onwards we are encouraged to plan ahead, and it makes sense, to ensure that the assets you have worked hard for during your life time are to be inherited by those you think are deserving of them and not distributed under the Intestacy Rules.

If assets are purchased in joint names in Thailand, then the share of each owner does not automatically pass to the survivor/s. For example, if you die in Thailand without a Will or Testament, then your spouse is automatically entitled to only half of the marital property and the highest ranked statutory heirs – relatives of the deceased are eligible to inherit from you the remaining half of the estate equally.

Although the Court in Thailand can be asked to prove a Will drawn up outside of Thailand, there is no guarantee that this document will be approved by the Court, if the Court perhaps considers it contrary to Thai policy.

It is therefore important for a Will to be correctly and legally drawn up to safe guard your interests and investments in Thailand. Our experienced team of lawyers can give sound advice on the structuring of your Will dependent on individual requirements

Will & Testament Legal - Services

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